The Gig Night started out as an intimate house gig session that had two artists performing and an audience of about 60-70 people. It was a lovely evening of music and magic. It was the bringing together of musicians who loved their art and audience that appreciated listening to their music.  This first house gig was followed by a few more. The ambience was usually mellow but every now and then we have had some upbeat music as well. Enjoying live music and having a good time has been central to The Gig Night. 

Soon we started organising The Gig Night Camp which is an outdoor camping experience on the outskirts of the city. Live acoustic music, barbeque and bonfire set the mood for a fun filled evening under the stars. Stay for the night at The Gig Night Camp has usually been in tents which provides an exciting get-away for city-folk. 

Not missing a beat we soon started organising Gig Night Trips which are outstation trips to  picturesque mountain villages. These were usually adventure trips to remote villages in the beautiful Himalayas in North India. In the days we would go on treks through the valleys and by sundown we would sit around a bonfire and enjoy live acoustic music.